Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Maths Apps & Games For Android

Multiple Strands Splash Math Splash Math is a fun way of practising maths and is available for grades 1 - 5. It contains problems on a wide range of maths skills, provides positive feedback to the use and has the facility to report back results.
Note: The full version of this app costs €7.99
Algebra Number Trains 1- 20 Pupils rearrange train carriages according to the carriage number. Numbers are in words, dots and numerals. Clear audio instructions are given.
Measures Learn to Count Money - Acez Pirate themed counting games. Pupils drag the correct amount of money onto the treasure map or count how much treasure they have found. There are five levels of difficulty
Measures Scootpad Individual or whole class activities. Majority of topics based on: measurement, data, number, shape and space.
Measures Kids Measurement Science Lite This app is designed for 5 – 8 year olds. It allows pupils to measure time, weight, length and money. It has 5 exercises in the free game. There are 300+ exercises in the paid version of this game.

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