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Maths Apps & Games For Apple

Multiple Splash Math Splash Math makes math fun and engaging for kids. The app reinforces key math skills with an interactive, self-paced and adaptive math program.
Number Maths Duel  This app covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with an option to turn off any of the above. Two players duel each other to answer the question as quickly as possible.
Number Virtual Manipulatives This app allows pupils to move around manipulatives representing fractions, decimals or percentages onto a workspace area for a range of activities. Pupils can annotate and save their work as an image for assessment.
Number Fractions Very useful app for covering fractions, starting at very basic concepts and moving up to calculations. Includes a lesson, questions, manipulatives and a challenge.
Number Number Pieces This app uses base ten blocks to enhance pupils’ understanding of number. Pupils can manipulate ones, tens and hundreds to represent number and annotate their representations to show their understanding.
Shape and Space Geometry (Mathomatix) Very cute interactive app covering five different concepts of shape. Clear spoken instructions for each activity - suitable for junior classes.
Shape and Space Tangram XL Free Simple tangram puzzles in a variety of levels. Pupils arrange pieces on template.
Shape and Space Geoboard Virtual geoboard where pupils can experiment with creating shapes on a variety of boards. Additional options including shading shapes,
Shape and Space Dragon Shapes  Narrated story where pupils must complete shape puzzles to solve clues to find the dragon. Activities are interspersed with shape facts.

Maths Apps & Games For Android

Multiple Strands Splash Math Splash Math is a fun way of practising maths and is available for grades 1 - 5. It contains problems on a wide range of maths skills, provides positive feedback to the use and has the facility to report back results.
Note: The full version of this app costs €7.99
Algebra Number Trains 1- 20 Pupils rearrange train carriages according to the carriage number. Numbers are in words, dots and numerals. Clear audio instructions are given.
Measures Learn to Count Money - Acez Pirate themed counting games. Pupils drag the correct amount of money onto the treasure map or count how much treasure they have found. There are five levels of difficulty
Measures Scootpad Individual or whole class activities. Majority of topics based on: measurement, data, number, shape and space.
Measures Kids Measurement Science Lite This app is designed for 5 – 8 year olds. It allows pupils to measure time, weight, length and money. It has 5 exercises in the free game. There are 300+ exercises in the paid version of this game.

Maths Apps & Games For Windows

Strand App Description
Multiple Strands Easy-Maths Simple maths quizzes against the clock using cartoon characters to motivate. Pupils can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and can choose a suitable level.
Multiple Strands Maths Wizard This app provides a basic, clear platform to practice maths skills. Pupils can adjust the level of difficulty and the time allocated for the practice session.
Multiple Strands Scootpad Individual and group based activities. Covers most topics including number, measurement, data and shape and space.
Number Math and number for kids. Suitable for junior classes. This app is a very appealing way of learning to count to ten. Some of the activities are locked in the free version.
Number Math Flashcards A useful and easily customisable app. Pupils can practice basic maths skills in a quiz mode or practice mode. A score report is maintained for the pupil. Level, area of maths, and answer type are all customisable.
Number Play and Learn Number Basic level maths games including number recognition, matching number with items and pattern recognition.

An Igloo in Listowel

Thank you to all the boys who collected over 500 milk cartons and to the Dads and Granddads who helped make our school Igloo. 

Junior Infants

Our lovely junior infants are having a great time in school. Here are a few photos of their first few months.

Literacy Lift Off

Its very busy in 1st & 2nd class in Literacy Lift Off time.

Parents Council Coffee Morning

Our school band played at at the Parents council coffee morning and a lovely morning had by all.

Star Class Fun

Our star class is a fun place to be.
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