Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Maths Apps & Games For Windows

Strand App Description
Multiple Strands Easy-Maths Simple maths quizzes against the clock using cartoon characters to motivate. Pupils can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and can choose a suitable level.
Multiple Strands Maths Wizard This app provides a basic, clear platform to practice maths skills. Pupils can adjust the level of difficulty and the time allocated for the practice session.
Multiple Strands Scootpad Individual and group based activities. Covers most topics including number, measurement, data and shape and space.
Number Math and number for kids. Suitable for junior classes. This app is a very appealing way of learning to count to ten. Some of the activities are locked in the free version.
Number Math Flashcards A useful and easily customisable app. Pupils can practice basic maths skills in a quiz mode or practice mode. A score report is maintained for the pupil. Level, area of maths, and answer type are all customisable.
Number Play and Learn Number Basic level maths games including number recognition, matching number with items and pattern recognition.

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